Deco Chippings

Deco chipping can be used to create a variety of designs, including abstract patterns, geometric shapes, and even realistic images. It is a popular choice for those looking to add a touch of color and texture to their space, as well as for those who want to create a unique and eye-catching focal point.

Brown Beech 14mm
Brown Beech 14mm is ideal for a range of uses including Driveways and Paths.
Cornish Spar 14mm
Cornish Spar 14mm is ideal for Paths, Driveways, Garden Features and Borders.
Cotswold Chippings 13-20mm
Cotswols Chippings 13-20mm are an ideal choice for Garden Paths and Driveways.
Gold Shingle 20mm
Gold Shingle 20mm is ideal for a wide range of Garden and Landscape applications including Driveways, Paths and Gravel Gardens. Suitable for Aquatic use.
Highland Red 14mm
Highland Red 14mm is ideal for a range of uses including Driveways, Paths and Garden Features. Suitable for Aquatic use.
Powys Green 14mm
Powys Green 14mm is an ideal product to use on Driveways, Pathways, Garden Features and Borders.
Powys Green 6mm
Powys Green 6mm is an ideal product to use as a sharp Horticultural Grit.
Shropshire Grey 14mm
Shropshire Grey 14mm is perfect for use in a wide range of situations including Driveways and Garden Paths.
Speyside 2-5mm
Speyside 2-5mm is ideal for use in a wide range of Horticultural and Landscaping situations.
Staffordshire Pink 14mm
Staffordshire Pink 14mm makes a great choice for use as a decorative Driveway and Path Gravel. Also suitable for a wide range of other Garde and Landscaping uses. Suitable for Aquatic use.
Tweed 10mm
Tweed 10mm is an ideal decorative gravel for use around the garden and in many other Landscaping situations. Suitable for Aquatic use.